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Using Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing in 2023

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Pinterest is an increasingly popular platform for real estate agents to showcase their listings and grow their business. With over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest offers a huge audience and great visual storytelling capabilities for real estate marketing.

Why Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing?

Here are some of the key benefits of using Pinterest for real estate:

High Audience Relevance

Over 50% of weekly Pinterest users say they use the platform to get inspiration for home decor, DIY projects, and travel – making the audience highly relevant for real estate marketing. Pinterest also has a high intent audience, with over 2 billion monthly searches from people wanting to take action.

Optimized for Visual Storytelling

Pinterest is perfect for visually showcasing real estate listings through high-quality photos and videos. Research shows listings with professional photos receive 403% more inquiries. You can use eye-catching pins to capture attention.

Improves SEO and Website Traffic

Pins can drive referral traffic to your real estate website. Backlinks via Pinterest pins can also help improve domain authority and SEO. Optimized pins help people discover your brand organically.

Lead Generation Opportunities

You can add lead generation buttons like ‘Schedule a Tour’ on pins to capture buyer leads. Pinterest also lets you retarget website visitors via ads to nurture potential leads.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Pinterest offers free tools for business accounts to analyze metrics. Paid campaigns are also relatively affordable compared to other platforms. Start driving results without a huge marketing budget.

Strategies for Marketing Real Estate on Pinterest

Follow these tips to maximize success when marketing real estate listings on Pinterest:

Create Eye-Catching Pin Designs

Visuals are key on Pinterest. Create vertical pins using high-quality photos and videos that make listings stand out. Use attractive text overlays and color schemes. Tools like Canva make it easy to design beautiful pins.

Optimize Pin Descriptions

Include important keywords in pin descriptions so people can find listings when searching on Pinterest. Mention listing details like price, neighborhood, and square footage. Use concise copy that engages users.

Curate Themed Board Galleries

Organize pins of your real estate listings into themed boards like ‘Luxury Homes’, ‘Seaside Getaways’, or ‘First-Time Buyers’. This helps people discover and browse relevant listings easily.

Share Listing Pins Consistently

New pins should be added regularly to keep boards fresh and engaging. Share new pins across your Pinterest profile as well as other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This boosts pin distribution.

Collaborate with Agents on Group Boards

Jointly curated boards showcasing listings from different agents and brokers. This helps create diverse content and tap into multiple agent networks when sharing pins.

Run Pinterest Ads

You can run targeted Promoted Pins campaigns to reach interested homebuyers actively searching for properties in specific locations. Real estate ads on Pinterest have above average conversion rates.

Analyze Metrics for Optimization

Review Pinterest analytics to find your best performing pins and boards. Identify opportunities to improve based on engagement and traffic data. Testing different pins and strategies will reveal what resonates most with your audience.

Driving Website Traffic with Pinterest

To drive website traffic using Pinterest, focus on:

  • Optimizing pin descriptions by including your website URL and relevant target keywords. This helps Pinterest index and surface your pins in search results.
  • Linking pins visually back to website content using logos and branding elements. This helps signal the connection.
  • Encouraging users to visit the site through clear call-to-actions in pin text like ‘See more photos’.
  • Installing the Pinterest tag on the website to track conversions. See how many site visitors are coming from Pinterest.
  • Sharing fresh content regularly gives users more opportunities to find and click through to your site.

Overall, the strategic use of Pinterest for real estate marketing provides a powerful platform to visually showcase listings, reach targeted audiences, and amplify your brand and website. Measure results and continue optimizing your Pinterest strategy for long-term success driving qualified traffic and leads.

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