Optimizing mobile ppc campaigns

Optimizing Mobile PPC Campaigns for Conversions

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Optimizing Mobile PPC Campaigns is becoming increasingly important as more consumers find product info, shop online, and buy products via their mobile phones. In essence, more than half of total ecommerce was realized through mobile commerce last year. The tremendous transition to the mobile space presents both opportunities and challenges for advertisers seeking new customers and conversion success with paid search campaigns.

This post will look at ways we can optimize mobile PPC campaigns for increased conversions.

Use Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages

The major component of a great mobile PPC campaign is a user-friendly, well-organized landing page for use on mobile phones. Unbounce argues that optimized Landing pages have higher conversion rates, which are about 60%.

Here are some tips for creating landing pages optimized for mobile:

  • Use a simple, uncluttered layout with enough white space. Avoid crowded designs.
  • Make tap targets large and buttons easy to press on touchscreens.
  • Ensure text is readable on smaller screens by using proper font sizes and line lengths.
  • Eliminate unnecessary fields from forms. Stick to only essential info needed.
  • Optimize site speed. Slow load times frustrate mobile users.

Testing different layouts and tweaking elements like button size and placement can further improve conversion rates.

Target By Mobile User Intent

It could therefore be argued one of the benefits that are associated with PPC advertising is, highly targeted ads being provided to a user’s search query or behavior. In running mobile pay-per-click campaigns, concentrate on those searches or keywords that directly manifest quick customer desire.

For instance, questions such as “store hours” or “directions” indicate that a person planning to make a physical visit to a place right away. For example, looking for a brand name followed by the word “coupons” or “discounts” speaks volumes for high purchasing intent.

This further improves the quality of the mobile traffic by using negative match keywords to eradicate unnecessary and unrelated searching queries. Always review and refine mobile targeting with your search query results to see if you are improving on the previous efforts.

Set Up Mobile-Specific Ad Variations

Creating mobile-specific ad variations can help improve clickthrough and conversion rates. According to WordStream, ads optimized for mobile can deliver up to 70% higher CTR compared to non-optimized ads.

Some ways to adapt Google and Bing ads for mobile include:

  • Shorter ad copy that takes into account smaller screen size
  • Emphasizing locations and contact info like click-to-call extensions
  • Adding tablet-specific ad groups and ads
  • Creating thumbnail destination ads that resemble the mobile experience

A/B test different ad variations to determine the optimal ad creative and messaging for mobile users.

Optimize for Micro-Moments

Mobile users often experience “micro-moments” where they turn to a device to take immediate action based on urgent needs. Identifying and optimizing for these micro-moments can increase conversions.

For example, someone nearby searching for “phone repair shops open now” has an immediate need that your business may be able to fulfill. Similarly, searches for “pizza delivery downtown” or “plumbers near me” indicate a pressing problem.

Review keyword reports and add more micro-moment geotargeting around:

  • Location-based needs (near me)
  • Time-based needs (open now, today)
  • Buying stage (coupons, sales)

With optimized ad copy and landing pages, you can convert more of these high-intent mobile searchers.

Include Click-to-Call Extensions

Enabling click-to-call extensions on mobile PPC ads makes it easy for users to call your business directly from the ad. Calls generally have higher conversion rates than clicks to websites. According to Wordstream, click-to-call extensions can improve CTR by over 30%.

Some tips for implementing call extensions effectively:

  • Place them prominently in ad copy
  • Use a clear call-to-action like “Call now”
  • Set up dedicated phone numbers for call tracking
  • Train sales staff on handling call leads

Optimizing ads to drive more calls from mobile users searching for immediate solutions is a great way to boost conversions.

Continuously Optimize for the Customer Journey

As you refine and optimize your mobile PPC campaigns, don’t just focus on converting leads from clicks. Analyze the entire customer journey from initial ad exposure to ultimate conversion to uncover additional opportunities.

Look for ways to assist the customer at each stage:

  • Awareness: Target informational keywords to bring new audiences into the funnel.
  • Consideration: Use competitive comparisons and detailed product attributes to assist comparison shopping.
  • Conversion: Remove friction and optimize the checkout page for mobile purchases.
  • Retention: Set up remarketing ads to re-engage users post-purchase.

With ongoing testing and measurement across the customer journey, you can gain insights to further increase mobile PPC conversion rates over the long term.


With mobile now the dominant way consumers interact online, it’s vital for PPC marketers to optimize campaigns for mobile user behavior and intent signals. Following the strategies outlined in this post will help improve ad relevance, drive more high-quality leads, and increase conversions from mobile.

Focusing on crafting mobile-friendly experiences across the entire customer journey – from first click to final purchase and beyond – is key for succeeding with mobile PPC campaigns moving forward.

Test and iterate on elements like ad copy, landing pages, and targeting to ensure marketing efforts continuously evolve to match the mobile needs of your audience.

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